Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Animation Podcast #5 – The Travis Knight Interview

Tom and Tony get real with the uniquely talented Travis Knight, head animator AND CEO of Laika Animation Studios!   They said no one could create a thriving, independent animation studio creating Stop Motion animation outside of Hollywood- but former rapper and male model Travis Knight isn’t just ANYONE.   With their just released third film, “The Boxtrolls” , an instant hit already, the Deuce Bancroft Bros find out how they do that magic they do.

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  • JennaMatsalla

    Another grand podcast! I really am glad and very thankful that you guys are keeping up with these podcasts and interviewing wonderful and talented people (: . I love listening to them while working on my art. It keeps me so motivated and energized to work that by the time I finish and episode, I don’t even realize how much work I got done! You guys are amazing and I look forward to more podcast episodes! (: