Animation Podcast #25 – Failures, Flubs and Frustrations

Failures, Flubs and Frustrations – Dealing with the down times in your art career. In this episode of the animation podcast, The Bancroft Brothers talk about the thing most of us don’t want to talk about: Our Failures. This episode is all about things we can do to recover from those times when things don’t go as planned in our careers – because it will happen – and often.

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  • MattBaker

    Hi Tom and Tony, just listened to your podcast #25 (yeah I need to catch up) and thought it was awesome. Definitely refreshing to know that guys like you, who many look up to, have not only gone through trials but have conquered them and grown from them. I’ve been scrambling as an independent artist now for 9 years and have had many struggles in those years, still do, so your honesty in this podcast gave me hope and encouragement that it ain’t over til you quit.
    Thanks heaps, you guys continue to be an inspiration,

    Matt Baker,