Animation Podcast #10 – Finding Artistic Balance

The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

In this episode of the The Brothers Bancroft Animation Podcast, Tom and Tony Bancroft discuss the ever-hard subject of finding “balance” in your artistic career.  Family, bills, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, and artistic competition are all discussed.  How do you KEEP being your best with everything/everyone taking your time?   This is a great podcast subject for the New Year!


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  • Chris

    Thank you for this podcast. I am guilty of spending a lot of time drawing. I found balance also by drawing while my family plays video games. I just heard a sermon at church last Sunday about how Jesus would go away to pray and come back and the people would surround him. Pastor Robert Morris commented that getting away is important and your customers will still be there when you come back.

  • AdamKoenig

    Man, that was a good podcast. I’ve come across many artists discussing this topic and almost skipped this one thinking “what more could be added that I hadn’t heard before?”. But man sometimes things hit, and this hit. You guys just talk so honestly and relate-ably it really hit home in a needlessly stressful moment in my life/career/artistic endeavors

    As a suggestion, considering your relationships at Big Idea, you guys should try to get Phil Vischer! I don’t know what you guys would plan on talking about, but I just think it’d be a really entertaining conversation. I enjoy his podcast as well and just anticipate how all of you’re personalities mesh. I can only imagine something spectacular. Thanks again! Gonna blow some hot air up you guys skirts but this has quickly become my favorite podcast. The stories, guests, the times I audibly laugh loudly at work…So Good.