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Animation Podcast #2 – The Aaron Blaise Interview

In this episode, Tom and Tony talk with their animation buddy, Aaron Blaise.  The three discuss their mutual days at Disney Animation, many challenges while climbing the animation ladder, his painting career, being chosen as director for the Disney film, “Brother Bear”, as well as the joys of “Life after Disney”.  Stay tuned for some great insights on how to live the “independent artist” life!  

To learn more from Tom Bancroft and Tony Bancroft see their courses.  In addition, previous interviews and posts can be found in the blog.

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  • Mike Rosado

    Great conversation. Thank you, guys!

  • Cody Taylor

    Amazing animators sharing amazing experiences!! Hope to hear more from these talented pose-to-pose actors 🙂

  • Tinaskingdom

    Youz’ guys are hilarious! Terrific info.

  • MattBaker

    Hi Tom and Tony. Thanks so much for these podcasts. I used to work at the Disney studio in Sydney Australia, but kind of left animation after the studio closed in 2006, and I’ve been working from home as a freelance Illustrator and designer for the last 8 years. This can be really isolating and its also really hard to be motivated some days. These podcasts of yours are a great motivator and also very interesting. I have Tom’s first book and I really need to save up and get your other books! Anyway, I look up to you guys as artists and just want to say thanks for sharing the stories, knowledge and motivation, it’s greatly appreciated.