Announcing New Online Art School

Tom Bancroft, well known author and animator, has teamed up with Rich Lanam, an educational technology executive, to start an online art school called Taught By A Pro ( Tom’s work has been included in Disney animation favorites Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Mulan, and many others. He has also written the definitive textbooks on Character Design that are used at art schools around the world. Together Rich and Tom have created the online art training program Taught By A Pro in order to provide art instruction by professionals to artists in training who might not ordinarily have the opportunity to be  taught by professional animators, comic book artists, comic strip  artists, illustrators, video game designers and more.

“Our goal is to give artists in training access to the best  professional artists without the expense of art school. Whether you  are already a professional artist or an aspiring artist, it is critical that you improve your skills. Taught By A Pro is the platform for  improving your abilities and enhancing your portfolio”, states Tom.  Rich adds, “Technology has the capability to improve access to  education. Our goal is to reduce many of the barriers – financial,  time and distance – so solid art instruction can be available to  all who want it.  By providing instruction anytime and anyplace at an affordable price we are breaking down some of these barriers.” According to Tom, “The types of professionals who will be sharing their  techniques and tips to our students are Masters at their profession and  don’t generally teach. These are artists who have honed their craft  for some of the most prestigious film studios, video game companies,  and institutions in the world. At Taught By A Pro, we are committed to bringing  those artists to you!”