Glen Keane with Bancroft Brothers

Animation Podcast #8 – The Glen Keane Interview

The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

This is the BIG ONE!  The Bancroft Brothers are honored to sit down with Glen Keane the legendary creator of Ariel, Beast, Aladdin, and Tarzan among others!   In the 70s, Glen came to Disney animation as the torch was passed from the Nine Old Men – and for the last 40 years he ran with it like no other! We discuss his newest short, “Duet”, where he came from, what he’s doing now and where he’s headed – and even answer some of your questions!  Hold on TIGHT!


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  • Joe

    Thanks for the great interview! Glen has a rich legacy from working with Ollie Johnston who worked with Fred Moore. His humble attitude and animation continue to inspire. Draw on Mr. Keane!

  • MattBaker

    Three great animators shooting the breeze about animation. Love it, thanks for this podcast, it inspired my work today.

  • AntoninTripes

    Awesome, thanks for the great interview guys, very inspirational!!