Newsletter – Improve Your Animated Dialogue

Do You Want to Improve Your Animated Dialogue?

Is your dialogue over animated? Do you need some tips and tricks to make it stand out?  John Pomeroy shares what he learned about animating dialogue from some of Disney’s Nine Old Men and tips and tricks learned during his 40 year career.  In two new Taught By A Pro courses, John Pomeroy walks you through the process of animating dialogue as you would in animation studio.  Starting with a scene folder, John walks through the contents of the scene folder and steps you through the process to a pose test and animation test.  For more information see Animating Dialogue: Speaking Through The Body and Animating Dialogue: Moving the Mouth

To get a taste of the material see the the introductions to each courses at Introduction to Animating Dialogue: Speaking Through The Body and Introduction to Animating Dialogue: Moving the Mouth

Have You Seen the Character Design Contest Results?

If you have not seen the Character Design Contest entries  and winners you should really take a look. Some really great work was submitted. In addition, Tom Bancroft did a design review of the winning entry.

Tom Bancroft interviews John Pomeroy

Taught By A Pro President, Tom Bancroft, interviewed animation legend John Pomeroy.  John Pomeroy talked about his influences and suggestions for aspiring animators.  John also shared stories about his animation career, working at Disney and what he learned from Disney’s nine old men of animation. See it here…