Michel Gagné

Michel Gagné Interview & New Special Effects Animation Course


New Course – Animating Fire Effects

Michel Gagné has a new course on Taught By A Pro! The course  Special Effects Animation – Animating Fire – Torch Cycle or Animating Fire Effects for short as made available yesterday.

In these lessons, Michel Gagné teaches how to create special effects animation assets. Michel walks through the process of drawing the fire, roughing keys, cleaning up keys, inbetweening and adding texture.

If you are unfamiliar with his work, see his site http://www.gagneint.com/ and his gallery http://www.gagneint.com/Final%20site/Gallery/gallery_index.html

Michel Gagné Interview

In celebration of adding Michel Gagné as an instructor, we asked Michel a few questions about his career.

What is the best advice you received?

Why be the next Picasso when you can be the first Michel Gagne (my wife).

What advice you would give to aspiring artists?

Cultivate your imagination by getting inspiration outside your field.

What is your favorite movie (animated or live action)?

That changes all the time, depending on my mood, but one film that always seems to remain in my top ten is Frederic Back’s The Man Who Planted Trees (1987).

What is your proudest achievement?

Having been able, throughout my whole career, to continue producing independent works in various medias, such as film, comics and game,
while remaining an active part of the animation industry.