Four Great Professional Animators Answer the Question “What advice would you give to aspiring artists?”

These four Taught By A Pro “pros” (instructors) have each spent decades in the field of animation doing amazing work at Disney, Sullivan Booth and others.  They have written books on animation, directed, produced and been nominated for major awards.  This is the advice that they give to aspiring artists and animators.

From, Michel Gagné, Artist and Animator whose work can be seen in over twenty feature films:

 Cultivate your imagination by getting inspiration outside your field.

John Pomeroy, Producer, Director and Animator with 40 years of experience, gives this advice

Someone once told me that you have about 20,000 bad drawings to get through before you get to the “Good” ones . With some it’s less, others more, but what this was teaching me was the value of “PATIENCE” . Be patient in your work & especially in your growth.

Tom Bancroft, Character Designer, Animator and Author with 25 years of experience states:

My mantra these days to aspiring artists is in a form of a question back to them: “Do you draw everyday?”  If you don’t, you won’t make it as a professional artist (usually).

Tony Bancroft, Animation Director and Animator with 25 years of experience, offers this advice

Be kind to others and never compromise.  The people you meet along your career path will be the friends that hire you when you need work and that you will hire. As the Beatles said, “You get by with a little help from your friends”.  Compromise is an artist’s worst enemy.  It will try to make you mediocre and you will never achieve the greatness we all aspire to.


  • Joe

    Thanks for all the advice. Be patient. Boy, did I need to hear that. I draw some, then get disgusted with my work. Have to keep moving forward and not compare myself with more advanced artists. Hard to do sometimes.