What to Expect from a Taught By A Pro Online Art Courses

The goal of each Taught By A Pro course is to teach an important artistic concept at a reasonable price. Whether teaching animation, character design, illustration, cartoon or comic strip creation the goal is the same: improve your skill and create a portfolio quality piece by the end of the course. In order to meet that objective, the courses follow the format of Hear, See, Do, See, Do.

In the introduction, the instructor provides an overview of the concepts and skills to be taught during that course. In the first part of the lesson, the pro instructor describes concepts and demonstrates them in preparation for the assignment. The assignment is then given to the student. After completing the assignment, the student uploads the assignment for review by other students. Students are encouraged to comment on the work that has been uploaded. In the second part of the lesson, the teacher does the assignment while further explaining the concepts. The student should be making notes to determine how to improve on the first assignment. Finally, the student completes the assignment again applying what they learned in the second part of the lesson and uploads it for peer review.

If done well, the student will have portfolio quality artwork at the end of the course. In order to keep the prices down, pro instructors generally do not comment on the uploaded assignments. In the future, we will likely be adding premium services where students can pay for pro review

Below is an outline of the Taught By A Pro online animation, character design and comic courses. Except for a few “lecture based” lessons, most of our video lessons will follow a structure similar to this.

  1. Introduction: a couple minute introduction to the pro and overview of what will be taught
  2. Lesson Part 1: a 20-40 minute video lesson describing and demonstrating concepts being taught.
  3. Assignment: a couple minute video explanation of the assignment.
  4. Upload Assignment: After completing the assignment, the student uploads the artwork and makes comments on other students’ work.
  5. Lesson Part 2: 20+ minute video lesson where the pro completes the assignment and describes concepts in more detail. Student makes on how to improve their assignment
  6. Upload Updated Assignment: After reworking and improving the assignment, the student uploads the new or updated artwork. Ideally, this pieces would be portfolio quality.

Students will have access to the courses and videos for six months.  Currently, we do not provide the ability to download the videos.

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