Character Design Contest from Taught By A Pro!

 Win A Free Character Design Review and Free Character Design Courses!

In celebration of Independence Day, Taught By A Pro will be running a Character Design Contest!  The painting the Spirit of 76 by Archibald Willard of the fife and drums with the American flag behind it is an iconic image of the American Revolution.  You could win a character design review and Taught By A Pro courses by drawing a new interpretation of this classic piece.

Your goal is to create a new version of that classic image in an animated style with characters you design. You can choose any style you want – anime, classic Disney, TV style, comic book, comic strip, or simplified and graphic.  Really, anything you like!  Please, create your own character designs, no copyrighted characters.  The characters can be human or animal, but must include two drummers and a fife player in Revolutionary War garb.  It should be obvious that it is a new interpretation of the classic fife and drum Revolutionary War image.  Have fun designing these characters!

The artwork will be judged on creativity, character design, posing, character interaction, drawing ability, and overall layout.  The winner of the contest will have their character design reviewed and critiqued by Tom Bancroft and will receive three Taught By A Pro courses. Two runners up will receive one Taught By A Pro online course.  The contest, is to be judged by Tom Bancroft.  Submit entries by July 3, 2014 via email to  Make the art about 6″x 8″ (or 432 x 576 pixels at 72 dpi), not to exceed 800 kb.

All family friendly entries will be displayed on the Taught By A Pro website. For more information on designing awesome characters, see the Taught By A Pro courses Introduction to Character Design and Creating a Character for A Purpose or Tom Bancroft’s Character Design books “Creating Characters with Personality” and “Character Mentor.”