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Animation Podcast #100 – 100th Episode with Mark Henn

It’s the 100th episode!! For this historic occasion, Tom and Tony Bancroft are joined by Disney legend Mark Henn for a live show in front of their animation classes at Lipsomb in Tennessee and Azusa-Pacific in California! The Brothers allow Mark to do the teaching on this episode, and even have a Q & A […]

Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Animation Podcast #98 – Hash It Out – Q & A With Tom and Tony

In this episode of the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast, Tom and Tony take some time to answer their most frequently asked questions. They tackle subjects that include networking, portfolios, charging for your work, and a lot more!   Also, hear about a special project Tony is working on to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Mulan”! The […]

Animation Podcast #97 – The Natalie Nourigat Interview

In this episode Tom and Tony welcome Natalie Nourigat! Hear her inspiring story of commitment and drive to be the best artist she could be and finally landing her dream job working on story for Disney! And, one more thing! Natalie is offering an exclusive gift to the listeners of this podcast ? a FREE […]

Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Animation Podcast #96 – The Aaron Hartline Interview

You’ve heard these words before: overcoming adversity, perseverance, hard work. Hear how Aaron Hartline conquered all of this to land his dream job at Pixar! From artist, to animator, to author, Tom and Tony dive into Aaron’s story and discuss his new book “Box Meets Circle”! The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast is presented by […]

Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Animation Podcast #94 – Virtual Studios with Bobby Beck

Think you can’t have a mentor because you don’t know anyone near you? Think you can’t get your project done because you don’t have the relationships? Well, think again! Tom and Tony welcome Bobby Beck to the podcast to talk about virtual mentoring and virtual studios! Bobby uses technology to bring people together – sometimes resulting […]

Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Animation Podcast #93 – The Bobby Pontillas Interview

In this episode of the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast, Tom and Tony spend time with Bobby Pontillas! Hear how Booby came out of school wanting to be a hand drawn animator during the time CG was taking over! But, he overcame that and has become a CG animator on some the biggest hits of the […]

Animation Podcast #92 – The Nora Twomey Interview

Just in time for the Academy Awards, Tom and Tony Bancroft talk with Nora Twomey from Cartoon Saloon in Ireland! Nora is the co-director of “The Secret of the Kells” and director of the Oscar-nominated animated movie “The Breadwinner“! Join them as they discuss the movie and the other amazing work this studio is doing! […]

Animation Podcast #91 – Nick Park on ‘Early Man’

Join Tony (without Tom) as he talks with Nick Park of Aardman Studios about their new film “Early Man“, followed by a two-fer with Animation Directors Merlin Crossingham and Will Becher! They talk history, techniques, and Wallace and Gromit, of course! All that, and more, on this bonus episode! The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast is […]