The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast provides an entertaining and educational look at animation. Tom Bancroft and Tony Bancroft discuss the art and business of animation with some of the industries biggest talents from Glenn Keane to Brad Bird to Don Hahn.

Podcast #29 – The Claire Keane Interview

In this installment of the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast, Tom and Tony Bancroft sit down with the lovely Claire Keane to pick her brain about family, her career at Disney in Visual Development, and leaving Disney to write and illustrate her own children’s books. Good times ahead in this episode! The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast […]

Podcast #28 – Getting a JOB as an Animator

How do you get a job as animator? The Bancroft Brothers are often asked how to get into animation or how to get a job at Disney. In this informative podcast, the Bancroft Brothers sit down with long time friend and 2D animator turned CG animator, Ted Ty, to discuss how you actually get a job […]

Animation Podcast #26 – Creature Designer Terryl Whitlatch

In this episode of the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast, the Los Hermanos Bancrofts talk to the lovely and talented Terryl Whitlatch about designing creatures for the Star Wars films, her pal “George”, her childhood love of biology and archeology, and all the book projects she has dropping. The Bancroft Brothers Animation podcast is presented by […]

Animation Podcast #25 – Failures, Flubs and Frustrations

Failures, Flubs and Frustrations – Dealing with the down times in your art career. In this episode of the animation podcast, The Bancroft Brothers talk about the thing most of us don’t want to talk about: Our Failures. This episode is all about things we can do to recover from those times when things don’t […]

Animation Podcast #24 – Summer 2015 Animation Update

In this special episode of the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast, Tom and Tony Bancroft review the animated films of 2015 – the ones that have already come out and those that are still on the way!  Plus, they get into name calling over their split feelings about “Inside Out” and the upcoming “Peanuts” film! Bancroft Brothers […]

Animation Podcast #23 – Pro Tips / SDCC 2015

The animator twins hit San Diego Comic Con!  In this episode, Tom and Tony Bancroft surprise a bunch of top comic book, animation, and illustration artists with 3 questions.  Wisdom, humor, and name-dropping abound!   The Bancroft Brothers Animation podcast is presented by   Taught By Pro Courses & Seminars

Animation Podcast #21 – Pete Docter and Directing INSIDE OUT

The Bancroft Brothers wrangled another coup by getting the chance to interview Pixar director Pete Docter about his newest film, “Inside Out”.  In this interview you’ll hear all about the ups and downs of making a Pixar animated film by the guy that brought you Monster’s Inc. and UP! Sponsor Stuart Ng Books Stuart Ng Books is a […]

Animation Podcast #20 -The Eric Goldberg Interview

Tom and Tony get a rare chance to sit and talk with Disney Animation Legend Eric Goldberg, creator of the Genie in Aladdin and co-director of Pocahontas.  Eric talks about his training with Richard Williams and the masters of Warner Bros. animation and how his 2D animation skills are still being used at Disney today. […]