Glen Keane Ariel drawing for Tom Bancroft

Drawing Inspiration #4 – Be Confident – Tom Bancroft

Be Confident by Tom Bancroft This is probably the polar opposite of what you feel when you pick up a pencil to create.  I know it was for me when I was as a young artist.  Feeling confident in your drawing, animating, sculpting, painting or anything artistic can be the difference between success and utter […]

Win A Free Online Animation, Character Design or Comic Strip Course!

Do you want to learn animation, comic strips or character design from a professional with years of experience?  You could win an online course taught by a pro who has worked on some of your favorite Disney movies or favorite comics. Two lucky people will be selected at random.  One from each of the two categories below… 1.      […]

Drawing Inspiration #3 – Make Friends Not Enemies – Tony Bancroft

Drawing Inspiration Make friends not enemies By Tony Bancroft  Every “good thing” I received in my career came because of a friend or a close relationship.  Every job, every promotion, every opportunity.  Everyone.  When people talk about success in Hollywood as being because of “who you know” it is just as true for the animation […]

Drawing Inspiration #2 – Never Stop Learning – Tom Bancroft

Never Stop Learning – Part 2 of Drawing Inspiration by Tom Bancroft I used to look up to top cartoonists – not for their money or fame – but because they could draw whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.  In my childhood artistic viewpoint my ultimate goal was to be able to draw whatever I could think of- […]

Interview with Cartoonist Michael Jantze

Interview with Cartoonist Michael Jantze Michael Jantze is the most recent Taught By A Pro instructor. He took time to answer a few question for Taught By A Pro.  Michael Jantze is a cartoonist, humorous illustrator and story guru.  He is best know for The Norm comic strip.  His course Drawriting A Comic Strip describes his method […]

Text-Image Interdependence? Drawriting? What’s Funny About That?

Being funny is serious business.  Doing it well requires the right ingredients and process.  Text-image interdependence is one of the keys to a good comic strip. Drawriting is the method for producing a great comic strip. Legendary comic strip artist Michael Jantze, creator of The Norm comic strip, shares decades of experience in the most […]

Tony Bancroft Interview

Tony Bancroft, animator and animation director, was one of the first Taught By A Pro instructors.  His courses on Squash and Stretch cover some of the foundational skills of animation.  In the courses Squash & Stretch 1 and Squash & Stretch 2, Tony describes the concepts of squash and stretch and demonstrates their application.  John […]