Animation Seminar with Eric Goldberg, John Pomeroy, Aaron Blaise

Disney Feature Animators/Directors Headline ProWeekend Animation Seminar

Be Inspired, Meet & Learn from Animators/Directors at the ProWeekend Animation Seminar Have you ever wondered how animated films are made?  Get the inside scoop when animators and animator/directors who have worked at Disney, Universal Studios and Don Bluth Productions describe their experience and demonstrate their craft at the ProWeekend Animation Seminar. The weekend of June 12-13, […]

Glen Keane with Bancroft Brothers

Animation Podcast #8 – The Glen Keane Interview

The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast This is the BIG ONE!  The Bancroft Brothers are honored to sit down with Glen Keane the legendary creator of Ariel, Beast, Aladdin, and Tarzan among others!   In the 70s, Glen came to Disney animation as the torch was passed from the Nine Old Men – and for the last […]

ProWeekend Animation Seminar Update – Lipscomb Press Release

‘Frozen’ illustrator, Disney animators and character designers headline animation and illustration workshop hosted by Lipscomb University Oct. 25-26 Claire Keane, designer for ‘Frozen,’ ‘Tangled’ and granddaughter of ‘The Family Circus’ comic strip creator Bill Keane, among featured artists NASHVILLE (Sept. 30, 2014) – Animators, illustrators and character designers will have a unique opportunity to learn […]

Juggling Work, Family, and Art

The Artists’ Balancing Act by Tom Bancroft  I love guest speaking at an art school, comic or animation convention or some other event where there are young, eager artists “trying to make it” in the industry. There is so much passion, love, and STRESS in that crowd that you can cut it with a knife. […]

All Time Favorite Art and Animation Instruction Books

In the first Bancroft Brothers Animation podcast, Tom Bancroft and Tony Bancroft were asked if there were any all-time favorite art books that they would recommend.  Outlined below are their recommendations. Bancroft Brothers’ Books While Tom and Tony joke about recommending their own great books, they don’t list them as their all-time favorites.  While neither […]

Claire Keane Anouncement

CLAIRE KEANE – Disney Concept Artist to be featured at Taught By A Pro ProWeekend October 24-26

Have you ever wanted to meet the artists who helped create some of your favorite Disney movies? Wouldn’t it be awesome to discover the how they do what they do? Here is your chance! Claire Keane joins other professional artists, character designers and animators for an exciting weekend of seminars, contests and networking!  Claire and others will lecture on their […]

RUBEN AQUINO – Disney Animation Legend to be featured at Taught By A Pro ProWeekend October 24-26

Ruben Aquino will be one of the featured lecturers at the ProWeekend! Ruben and other artists will be headlining the ProWeekend Seminars the weekend of October 24-26, 2014. Ruben and other Disney animators and comic artists will be converging on Nashville for seminars and networking. The event presented by, a Nashville online art and animation […]

Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Animation Podcast #1 – The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

In the first episode, the Bancroft Bros discuss their careers, Mom’s Sex Talk, Dreamwork’s Animation, the future of 2D animation, and Glen Keane’s “DUET” animated short for Google, and Q and A.  In addition, they announce the exciting upcoming Taught By A Pro ProWeekend seminar. To learn more from Tom Bancroft and Tony Bancroft see their courses.  In […]

A Tom Bancroft Robin Williams Memory

Below Tom Bancroft shares a Robin Williams Memory… Since we’re all sharing… MY ROBIN WILLIAMS memory is when I was working at the Disney/MGM studios Animation (Tour/Studio) in Florida and he came down to take a personal tour of our studio. (He was there for an event/publicity/vacation, can’t remember). The tour part of our studio had […]