Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Animation Podcast #133 – Pencil Test: The 2D Animation Documentary

In a special episode, Tony interviews director Phil Earnest and his own brother, Tom, the director and producer (respectively) of the in-production live action documentary “Pencil Test”  a celebration of 2d animation. Pencil Test is a feature film documentary focusing on the industries’ best and most inspirational animators, primarily spotlighting their work in the 90s […]

Amanda Jolly Bancroft Interview

Animation Podcast #132 – Character Design with Amanda Jolly

In this episode, the Bancroft twins speak with character designer Amanda Jolly! She speaks about how she got the job on the hit “Tangled” Tv Series and the day to day lifestyle of being a character designer on a major studio show. The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast is presented by & sponsored by & Sponsored by Stuart […]