The Gift of Character Design

Our Gift to You for this Christmas / Holiday / New Year Season! During the month of December, Character Design: 4 Tips for Creating Better Characters is almost free.  For only $1, you can learn four tips from Tom Bancroft on how to improve your character designs. On January 1, the price will go back up to […]

Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Animation Podcast 35 – “The Jerry Maguire Moment”

In a follow up to the popular “Failures” podcast, the Bancroft Brother’s discuss those moments in your life where you make a life changing decision- often times right after you’ve taken  a fall. The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast is presented by & sponsored by Stuart Ng Books   Sponsor Stuart Ng Books Stuart Ng Books is […]

Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Animation Podcast #34 – Whatever Happened to 2D Animation

In this episode of the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast, Tom and Tony discuss the “End of 2D Animation” with Nik Ranieri.  Is it dead or just sleeping?  What brought its slumber on?  Will it come back?  They invite Disney animator, Nik Ranieri, one of the last 2D animators to be laid off from Disney, to […]