Animation Podcast #31 – The 9 Old Men and Andreas Deja

In this special episode of the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast, the B Boys talk with legendary Disney Animator Andreas Deja about his new book about “The 9 Old Men” of Disney Animation yesteryear.  Find out why he was passionate about making this book, what drove the 9 Old Men, and any animator worth their muster […]

Animation Podcast #30 – Brenda Chapman Interview

The brothers Bancroft have the honor of hosting Story Artist and Director of “Prince of Egypt” and “Brave”, Brenda Chapman.  Tom and Tony get her to tell great stories of working on early versions of Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid, her legacy with women in animation, and where she’s headed now. Brenda Chapman is the […]

Podcast #29 – The Claire Keane Interview

In this installment of the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast, Tom and Tony Bancroft sit down with the lovely Claire Keane to pick her brain about family, her career at Disney in Visual Development, and leaving Disney to write and illustrate her own children’s books. Good times ahead in this episode! The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast […]

Tips on Using Reference in Animation & Illustration from from Ruben Aquino, Claire Keane & Tom Bancroft

With character design, how do you balance references and inventiveness? In the first ProWeekend in October 2014, Disney concept artist and illustrator Claire Keane, animator/author Tom Bancroft and animator Ruben Aquino took part in a great question and answer session.  This segment discusses the use of reference and thoughts on getting a job as an animator […]