Animation Podcast #21 – Pete Docter and Directing INSIDE OUT

The Bancroft Brothers wrangled another coup by getting the chance to interview Pixar director Pete Docter about his newest film, “Inside Out”.  In this interview you’ll hear all about the ups and downs of making a Pixar animated film by the guy that brought you Monster’s Inc. and UP! Sponsor Stuart Ng Books Stuart Ng Books is a […]

Eric Goldberg, Tom Bacroft & Aaron Blaise

Aaron Blaise, Eric Goldberg & Tom Bancroft Give Advice to Young Artists

After our successful PROWeekend artist lecture this past weekend, guest Aaron Blaise rallied our energy for one more video for his “Aaron’s Art Tips” Youtube channel!  In this video, Aaron Blaise, Tom Bancroft, and Eric Goldberg give sage advice to young, up-and-coming artists on what they can do now to become better at their animation […]

Animation Podcast #20 -The Eric Goldberg Interview

Tom and Tony get a rare chance to sit and talk with Disney Animation Legend Eric Goldberg, creator of the Genie in Aladdin and co-director of Pocahontas.  Eric talks about his training with Richard Williams and the masters of Warner Bros. animation and how his 2D animation skills are still being used at Disney today. […]