Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Animation Podcast #4 – Funding Your Artistic Dreams: The Jamie Lopez Interview

In Funding Your Artistic Dreams: The Jamie Lopez Interview, the Bancroft Brothers get into the subject of crowdfunding your artistic dream project.  They discuss the pros and cons of crowdfunding project on either Kickstarter or Indiegogo.  Then, they call up their Disney animator veteran friend, Jamie Lopez, to discuss his ultra-successful Indiegogo crowdfunded 2d animated […]

Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Animation Podcast #3 – The Don Hahn Interview

The Bancroft Brothers are honored to have the legendary Disney Animation and live action producer Don Hahn on the show.  Don has been in the film industry for 37 years with films he’s produced ranging from great animated films like “Beauty and the Beast”, “The Lion King”, “Hunchback of Notre Dame”, and “Emperor’s New Groove” […]

Juggling Work, Family, and Art

The Artists’ Balancing Act by Tom Bancroft  I love guest speaking at an art school, comic or animation convention or some other event where there are young, eager artists “trying to make it” in the industry. There is so much passion, love, and STRESS in that crowd that you can cut it with a knife. […]

All Time Favorite Art and Animation Instruction Books

In the first Bancroft Brothers Animation podcast, Tom Bancroft and Tony Bancroft were asked if there were any all-time favorite art books that they would recommend.  Outlined below are their recommendations. Bancroft Brothers’ Books While Tom and Tony joke about recommending their own great books, they don’t list them as their all-time favorites.  While neither […]

Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Animation Podcast #2 – The Aaron Blaise Interview

In this episode, Tom and Tony talk with their animation buddy, Aaron Blaise.  The three discuss their mutual days at Disney Animation, many challenges while climbing the animation ladder, his painting career, being chosen as director for the Disney film, “Brother Bear”, as well as the joys of “Life after Disney”.  Stay tuned for some […]