Newsletter – Improve Your Animated Dialogue

Do You Want to Improve Your Animated Dialogue? Is your dialogue over animated? Do you need some tips and tricks to make it stand out?  John Pomeroy shares what he learned about animating dialogue from some of Disney’s Nine Old Men and tips and tricks learned during his 40 year career.  In two new Taught By A Pro courses, John […]

Character Design Contest – Character Design Review

One of the prizes from the recent character design contest was a design review of the winning submission by Tom Bancroft, President of Taught By A Pro. For more information on the character design contest, submissions and winners. Tom Bancroft’s Design Critique The image above shows the notes Tom made on the winning submissions.  Below is the note to Piper […]

Character Design Contest – Winner Announcement

Independence Day Spirit of 76 Character Design Contest Winner The quality and variety of the character designs submitted to the character design contest was truly amazing. Each submission was very well done which made it difficult for Tom Bancroft to choose the best character design.  All contest entries can be viewed here. The winner of the Taught […]

Spirit of 76 Character Design Contest Entries

Character Design Contest Entries! In celebration of Independence Day, Taught By A Pro is running a Character Design Contest!  The painting the Spirit of 76 by Archibald Willard of the fife and drums with the American flag behind it is an iconic image of the American Revolution. Below are the awesome entries we have received so far (9:00 […]