Do you want to create awesome comics, comic strips or webcomics?

Dan Thompson, creator of the Rip Haywire comic strip, now teaching through Taught By A Pro Dan Thompson recently added two courses on comic creation to the Taught By A Pro online course catalog. In the course Awesome Storytelling in Webcomics, Dan Thompson provides instruction on the art of writing a compelling story that will […]

John Pomeroy Interview

John Pomeroy, animation legend, interviewed by Tom Bancroft

Taught By A Pro President, Tom Bancroft, sat down with animation legend John Pomeroy.  John Pomeroy talked about his influences and suggestions for aspiring animators.  John also shared stories about his animation career, working at Disney and what he learned from Disney’s nine old men of animation. See John’s online animation courses Overlapping Action 1, Overlapping Action […]

What to Expect from a Taught By A Pro Online Art Courses

The goal of each Taught By A Pro course is to teach an important artistic concept at a reasonable price. Whether teaching animation, character design, illustration, cartoon or comic strip creation the goal is the same: improve your skill and create a portfolio quality piece by the end of the course. In order to meet […]

Character Design Contest from Taught By A Pro!

 Win A Free Character Design Review and Free Character Design Courses! In celebration of Independence Day, Taught By A Pro will be running a Character Design Contest!  The painting the Spirit of 76 by Archibald Willard of the fife and drums with the American flag behind it is an iconic image of the American Revolution.  You could win […]