John Pomeroy Interview

To celebrate joining Taught By A Pro, John Pomeroy was kind enough to answer a few questions about his career and offer advice to aspiring animators. What is the best advice you ever received? John Pomeroy: From Ollie Johnston, while animating the character “Penny” under his guidance, his sage advice to me was “keep it […]

John Pomeroy with Mrs. Brisby maquette and a cel set up from Banjo the Woodpile Cat

New Courses from John Pomeroy on Overlapping Action

Taught by A Pro is proud to announce two new courses from legendary animator John Pomeroy.  In these courses on Overlapping Action, John describes and demonstrates the importance of how Overlapping Actions gives classical animation its beauty & fluidity.  He explains and demonstrates these principals in this Taught By A Pro video lesson.  In Overlapping […]

Michel Gagné

Michel Gagné Interview & New Special Effects Animation Course

  New Course – Animating Fire Effects Michel Gagné has a new course on Taught By A Pro! The course  Special Effects Animation – Animating Fire – Torch Cycle or Animating Fire Effects for short as made available yesterday. In these lessons, Michel Gagné teaches how to create special effects animation assets. Michel walks through […]