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Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Animation Podcast #121 – Raising Artists with Cori Crismon

Finally! In this episode, the Bancroft brothers interview the one that started it all – their mother! Cori Crismon tells some embarrassing stories and gives her thoughts on supporting an artist child – or children, in this case! The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast is presented by & sponsored by & Support the podcast on Patreon!     Sponsored […]

Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Animation Podcast #120 – Hash It Out: Mental Attitude

Tom and Tony Bancroft have a casual but deep conversation about the pros and cons of being an introvert or an extrovert artist. Also, Bancroft Daughter, Caitlin, is a surprise intro guest! Dig deep with the Bancrofts as they do a Mental Attitude Hash It Out!   Sponsored by Stuart Ng Books Stuart Ng Books […]

Bobby Chiu

Animation Podcast #118 – Bobby Chiu & LightBox Expo

In this episode Tom and Tony talk to their amazing concept artist friend Bobby Chiu. Find out what drives Bobby to be the best he can be in all of his different businesses: online teaching through, his Imaginism concept studio, publishing and more! Best yet, he tells the brothers all about his newest creation: […]

Animation Podcast #117 – Goro Fujita and the Future of VR

The Bancroft’s welcome Goro Fujita to the show as they talk all things virtual reality. Goro co-created the Quill VR animation and drawing software that is now owned by Facebook. Find out why he says that 2d animators are going to be more needed than ever in the world of VR animation. So, hold tight […]

Andrew Chesworth on the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcas

Animation Podcast #116 – The Andrew Chesworth Interview

With the Academy Awards looming, the Bancroft bros interview Andrew Chesworth, co-director of the animated short “One Small Step”. Hear of his love of 2D animation, how he switched to CG animation, and rose to the top as a Disney animator only to leave it to start Taiko animation studio with his partners! What drives […]