Art Of Tom Bancroft Book

Art of Tom Bancroft Volume 1

Art of Tom Bancroft Volume 1 Kickstarter Tom Bancroft recently completed a successful Kickstarter for the Art of Tom Bancroft, Vol. 1.  A special Thank You to all who contributed! Not only was Tom able to publish this high quality art book (with additional pages added through stretch goals), he was also able to publish the “Outnumbered” […]

Character Design Poses, What is character design

What is Character Design?

What is Character Design? Definition of Character Design First off, let’s start with the basics.  What is Character Design? What is the definition of a Character Design?  What does a Character Designer do? What is Character Design? Character Design Definition: A Character Designer is an artist that creates new, original characters (sometimes shortened to “OCs”) […]

The Gift of Character Design

Our Gift to You for this Christmas / Holiday / New Year Season! During the month of December, Character Design: 4 Tips for Creating Better Characters is almost free.  For only $1, you can learn four tips from Tom Bancroft on how to improve your character designs. On January 1, the price will go back up to […]

Tips on Using Reference in Animation & Illustration from from Ruben Aquino, Claire Keane & Tom Bancroft

With character design, how do you balance references and inventiveness? In the first ProWeekend in October 2014, Disney concept artist and illustrator Claire Keane, animator/author Tom Bancroft and animator Ruben Aquino took part in a great question and answer session.  This segment discusses the use of reference and thoughts on getting a job as an animator […]

Eric Goldberg, Tom Bacroft & Aaron Blaise

Aaron Blaise, Eric Goldberg & Tom Bancroft Give Advice to Young Artists

After our successful PROWeekend artist lecture this past weekend, guest Aaron Blaise rallied our energy for one more video for his “Aaron’s Art Tips” Youtube channel!  In this video, Aaron Blaise, Tom Bancroft, and Eric Goldberg give sage advice to young, up-and-coming artists on what they can do now to become better at their animation […]

ProWeekend Character Design Contest

As part of the ProWeekend Animation Seminar, Taught By A Pro will be running a Character Design Contest! You could win an original piece of artwork by one of the Proweekend Pros! Your goal is to create a Princess and her pet side-kick. You can choose any style you want – anime, classic Disney, TV […]

Animation Seminar with Eric Goldberg, John Pomeroy, Aaron Blaise

Disney Feature Animators/Directors Headline ProWeekend Animation Seminar

Be Inspired, Meet & Learn from Animators/Directors at the ProWeekend Animation Seminar Have you ever wondered how animated films are made?  Get the inside scoop when animators and animator/directors who have worked at Disney, Universal Studios and Don Bluth Productions describe their experience and demonstrate their craft at the ProWeekend Animation Seminar. The weekend of June 12-13, […]

Glen Keane with Bancroft Brothers

Animation Podcast #8 – The Glen Keane Interview

The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast This is the BIG ONE!  The Bancroft Brothers are honored to sit down with Glen Keane the legendary creator of Ariel, Beast, Aladdin, and Tarzan among others!   In the 70s, Glen came to Disney animation as the torch was passed from the Nine Old Men – and for the last […]